Property Investment in Dundee

What we do


The owners of RSW have been investing in property for many years. We continue to invest and manage property for ourselves but also for our clients.

We deliver consistent results with excellent returns using our tried and tested six step process, to create both income and equity for you. Our hands-on approach allows you to enjoy all the benefits of property investment, but with none of the hassle.

All properties that we pursue an interest in for our clients are ones that we would invest in ourselves. 

We pride ourselves on our organised and personal approach to allow us to give you the best possible return on your investment.


How we do it


Our system is based around people. The positive relationships we have built up with everyone involved in the process has enabled us to create property portfolios that are proving to be an excellent investment. Our aim is to develop the same relationship with you to allow you to build your own profit making portfolio.

We carefully manage the whole process from start to finish using our six step process. Our process adds value to the property and creates equity and income for you. We achieve this by sourcing and purchasing properties at a reasonable price that typically require renovation and have good rental demands and returns.


Our Six Step Process

    We source the property.

    We create an accurate budget prior to purchasing the property, ensuring it is affordable and will make the required return on your investment.

    We negotiate and lead the purchase of the property.

    We take complete control of any renovation.

    We rent and provide hands-off property management services, dealing with the tenancy and any maintenance issues.

    We realise any equity gains in order to repeat the process.


Our Renovations

Why Dundee?


Dundee is an area that we know extremely well. We have lived and invested here for many years. The city is currently undergoing vast redevelopment to add to the many positives it currently has such as Ninewells Hospital and two Universities. All of this makes Dundee the ideal place to invest for both long term capital growth and rental demand and income.

We have achieved, and continue to achieve, great success implementing our strategy. The value for money properties available allow us to buy at reasonable prices, gain a healthy monthly rental income and realise equity in the property with a satisfied tenant in place. 


Contact Us


Contact RSW Property today to discuss how we can help.

We will base all discussions around what you as the client are looking to achieve. We will use our knowledge, understanding and previous experience to help tailor an investment package that meets your needs, budget and ambitions. 

In addition, we can show you around properties that we have recently invested in for ourselves and others.   

‘We spend a great deal of time sourcing properties to ensure they achieve a substantial equity gain and monthly income. We aim to build a long-term investment relationship with you by ensuring you are delighted with the service received from RSW Property.’

Darren Scott
Director of RSW Property

‘Building positive relationships is at the forefront of our company. We strive to fully satisfy every client, ensuring the process is enjoyable and stress free from start to finish.’

Mark Whatley
Director of RSW Property